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Now a van and trailers are also available for rental

You can now rent motorcycles comfortably along with a van and a trailer! Renditsikkel.ee offers the possibility to rent a motocross van and either a large or smaller trailers.

The Renault Master van easily fits 2 motorcycles and there is space for sleeping for two people. The bus has a trailer hitch and it can transport either the larger (full load 2500 kg, fits up to 8 motorcycles) or the smaller trailer (full load 750 kg, fits up to 4 motorcycles).

The trailers can also be rented separately. Rental prices start from € 20/day and include fastenings and straps for fixing the motorcycles.

More info: https://www.renditsikkel.ee/wordpress/en/tootekategooria/vans-and-trailers/